Unlimited Garden-Rendezvous on the western Lake Constance

From the enchanted cottage garden to the magnificent castle park the german-swiss Lower Lake offers a variety of rural garden culture.

In the "Unlimited Garden-Rendezvous" invite show gardens and parks to a visit. Even a lot individuals welcome guests in their very on green refugium. Guided tours, hikes and cultural events on the topic "garden" complement the offer.

The Unlimited Garden-Rendezvous on the western Lake Constance is a projekt from:

REGIO Konstanz-Bodensee-Hegau e.V.

Obere Laube 71

DE-78462 Konstanz,

Castle and Park Arenenberg

Mannenbach-Salenstein (CH)

Hegne Monastery


Take the Time! - This former summer residence of the Bishops of Constance has been a monastery since 1895. The Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross follow the tradition of Francis of Assisi.

Stadtgarten Singen

Singen (Hohentwiel)

The historic town garden with its island location in the Hegauer Aach boasts old trees, exotic summer plants, works of art and a herb garden.

Pfiffikuss experience herbal garden


Pfiffikuss experience herbal garden

Experience over 100 special medicinal plants in the wild. Since 2018 a nature in the garden garden.

Herb garden Reichenau

In 1991, was the herb garden completely new constructed after the historic pattern of Walahfrid Strabo.

Mainau Island

Insel Mainau

Oppulent flowerage throughout the year, a park with 150-year-old trees, the Baroque splendor of the castle and church and the the Mediterranean character - that is Mainau, the Flower Island in Lake Constance. All seasons flowers, perennials, trees and bushes show in the most beautiful facets and colors, one of the largest butterfly houses in Germany, the "Mainau Kinderland" and comital and cultural festivals are visitors magnets.

Private Garden Sabine Christ Radolfzell


In the almost 1,000 m² natural and herbal garden of Family Christian still predominantly are the old tree population of the settlement beginnings . A wonderfully large quince , pear , Boskop- and clear apple tree planted by the founding family 1938th.

Monastery garden Allerheiligen


Monastery garden of the Benedictine monks, who dealt extensively with the cultivation of medicinal, spice and vegetable plants.

Syringa Aromatic Plants and Herbs


This 6,000 m² aromatic herb show garden is unique in all of Germany.

Engen Lupfen Street


A street full of lovingly tended flower boxes on local homes.

Eiszeitpark Engen (Ice Age Park)


An exciting “Ice Age” nature trail.

Saint George Monastery with Church and Monastery Garden

Stein am Rhein (CH)

The Sankt Georgen Monastery Museum is one of the best-preserved medieval monastery complexes north of the Alps. It has been completely preserved since the Reformation in 1525. Experience the atmosphere, important art treasures, Gothic architecture and monastery gardens.

Klostergarten Kartause Ittingen

Warth-Weiningen (CH)

Privatgarten Verena Bügler

Stein am Rhein (CH)

Hesse Museum Gaienhofen


In addition to the life and work of author Hermann Hesse, you will discover additional Höri writers and publishers in the ”Höri Literary Landscape” exhibit.

AMMANN Gartenkultur


City Garden

Radolfzell am Bodensee

“Germany’s Most Beautiful Waiting Room" in the heart of Radolfzell!

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