Stiftung Napoleon III

The Napoleon III Foundation has existed since 2001 and is based in Salenstein / Arenenberg. Its purpose is to support special activities of the Napoleonic Museum Schloss und Park Arenenberg. Soon a special goal crystallized, namely to restore the vanished castle park, a truly ambitious destination.


The last French emperor, Napoleon III, spent his youth at the Arenenberg Castle on the Untersee. In 1906, his wife, Empress Eugénie, donated the property to the canton of Thurgau, who set up the Agricultural School and a museum there. The donation included a castle park, which was not maintained any more. The internals were either covered or decayed. Only initiates knew about it and knew the former structures of the park.
Thanks to the great support of a wide circle - individuals, foundations, companies, Canton Thurgau - it was possible for the time being to restore the central parking areas. It was opened in 2008 and has been used extensively ever since. Guests from near and far enjoy the unique facility amidst the lovely landscape of the Untersees.

Now the foundation has decided to restore the eastern part of the park as well. He would then be able to experience it again as a complete system, as created by Queen Hortense and her son, Louis Napoleon. Fundraising has begun, and we look forward to every donation.

In addition, the foundation regularly organizes events such as concerts, sightseeing, cultural tours and lectures.
The Foundation Council is assisted by numerous patrons who support the activities. You will be offered special perks for events and exclusive events. You are cordially invited to become friend and patron of Schloss und Park Arenenberg.

To the park project

Why restore?

A jewel on the Untersee, the most beautiful castle on Lake Constance, it often sounds like that from the visitors of the Arenenberg. That is not by accident. On the Arenenberg history was written with a European charisma, it is also a cultural-historical gem, nestled in the beautiful, lovely landscape of the submarine. Since the restoration of the western, central part of the castle park, which has been open to the public since 2008, the admiration has continued to increase.

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Stiftung Napoleon III
Schloss Arenenberg
8268 Salenstein
phone 0041 (0)71 671 18 18

freely accessible / always open

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