Hildegard Medicinal Plant Garden - Memorial of Dr. Gottfried Hetzka

Hildegard Medicinal Plant Garden - Memorial of Dr. Gottfried Hetzka


On the edge of the mountain village rails on the Höri is the memorial of Dr. med. Gottfried Hertzka with a Hildegard medicinal plant garden.

Dr. Hertzka, the discoverer of practicable medicine in the Hildegard von Bingen plant and the founder of the so-called Hildegard medicine, which today is known far beyond the borders of Europe, has lived here with his wife Amalie in a very withdrawn position. His research, practice and book writing left him no time to plant and maintain a garden. As his heir, I want to keep the memory of him alive and make his great work accessible to many people.

Our work to design a Hildegard medicinal plant garden and to open it for guests and interested parties was thankfully taken up and made known by the "Boundless garden rendezvous on the western shore of Lake Constance".
Our garden as a teaching and display garden houses approx. 130 medicinal plants as flowers, herbs, vegetables, trees and shrubs, which were discovered by Hildegard v. Chr. Bingen are described in her natural remedy book "Physica". For this I use a few peasant garden flowers and "favorite plants" for my plant scheme. In June 2017, we received the Natur im Garten badge for sustainable gardening.

Main and side roads lead to sour stone, stream and pond along medicinal and flower borders, to a small rondel on the ground floor and terraces next to dry stone from boulders our area. Some works of art enrich the garden, such as a Hildegard stele and a memorial stone for Dr. Ing. Hertzka in the entrance area, a Way of the Cross made by a South Tyrolean blacksmith and accompanied with a rose pergola in part, as well as a bust of
Dr. Hertzka created very sensitively and sensitively.

In the shade of trees, between rose bushes and flowers, benches or small seating groups invite you to linger, contemplate and relax.
In the yard at the house, in our small garden coffee "small villa" is provided for the physical welfare of our guests with coffee, cake and drinks. We also offer Hildegard books and various Hildegard specialties for purchase.
And what could be better than sitting comfortably in a garden with coffee and cake, looking at the nature and the landscape, listening to the birdsong and enjoying the scent of herbs and roses!

Special feature: The design of the garden with medicinal plants by Hildegard von Bingen

Visits: During the annual garden days - for 2018 from 22 June - 1 July.
For groups (max 20 people) we ask for early, telephone registration. Group tours are also possible on other dates.

Accessibility by car and bus
Parking: center of the village rails in front of the community and fire station


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