Private garden Thomsen Friedrichshafen

A garden for humans and animals
The approximately 600m2 large garden with wild-romantic character of a farmer's garden invites you to stay in a quiet idyllic outskirts of Fischbach, a district of Friedrichshafen, to stay and admire. There are grown all year round numerous vegetables; Berry bushes, fruit and nut trees complete the variety.


Enjoy the idyllic tranquility in our seating area and watch the many bumble bees, bees and wasps, which are attracted and nourished in the summer months by the numerous colorful, lush farmhouse shrubs, flowering shrubs and herbs. A large insect hotel offers shelter. Butterflies, which have long since become rare in the city, are guests here and lizards also feel very well in an area laid out for them. In the adjoining property with old sheds and stacks of wood hedgehogs are released after the maintenance of a local hedgehog station and find here ideal conditions. Even strictly protected barn swallows have settled here and found a place for their nests under the eaves. The private garden of Willi Thomsen and Olivia Fischer is a very beautiful example of a nature in the garden garden and bears the plaque since 2018.
Visit on request.


Willi Thomsen
Eichenmühleweg 24
88048 Friedrichshafen
phone +49 (0)7541 71866

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