Excellent "Nature in the garden"-Gardens

The following are allowed to wear gardens nature garden plaque/badge of Lake Constance Gardens:

Natur im Garten Platanenweg 5 Insel Mainau

Nature in the garden on the island Mainau

The Platanenweg Nr. 5 has been certified according to nature in the garden guidelines since autumn 2019.

Pfiffikuss experience herbal garden

freely accessible / always open

Pfiffikuss experience herbal garden

Experience over 100 special medicinal plants in the wild. Since 2018 a nature in the garden garden.

Artists Garden Hermann-Hesse

Hermann Hesse magnificent garden

Castle and Park Arenenberg

freely accessible / always open

Imperial prospects from Castle and Park Arenenberg.

Frauenfeld Archaeobotanical Garden

freely accessible / always open

Frauenfeld archaebotanical Garden

In 2016 the Frauenfeld archaeobotanical Museums garden celebrates its 20 years birthday with special programs.

Allemann Naturgärten Schönholzerswilen

The natural garden of Allemann family Schönholzerswilen is a fine example of a lived natural garden. The Allemann family lives their corporate philosophy.

Family garden Suter/Suter Gartenbau Altnau

The near-natural private garden of the Suter family in Altnau is ideally connected to the grounds of the own gardening company.
A private garden with many facets.

Private garden of family Peter and Lisa Schneider

The estate of the family Schneider with the old farmhouse is located in the middle of the small Thurgau village Leimbach. With its 1600m2 area, it forms an oasis of nature.

Private garden family Hofstetter

A natural garden with a natural pond can be found in the Hofstetter family garden in Oberuzwil.

Nature Garden Müller Güttingen

Around the former farm barn, there is a spacious green area planted with flowers, shrubs, trees and native shrubs.

Private garden Conny König & Pirmin Gerber

A private garden where people, plants and animals feel at home. Conny König and Pirmin Gerber have created a true paradise.

Herborama Heilkräutergarten

Herborama - a medicinal herb garden of a special kind - inspired by Charlemagne and its plants.

Privatgarten Erika Bühler

A private garden in a compact area. He surrounds a 200 year old house in the Thurgau Lanterswil.

Privatgarten Wellauer Weinfelden

Private garden close to nature in the Freie Strasse in Weinfelden.

The garden has had nature in its garden badge since 2019.

Private garden Esther Trümpi

Esther Trümpi's and Roger Holdener's private garden at Staatsstrasse 23 in Flums-Hochwiese is an enormously diverse natural garden that is cultivated and cultivated with a lot of passion, love and knowledge.

Private Garden Müller-Hausser Überlingen

freely accessible / always open

The private garden of the villa Elmenhorst is 2,800 m2 in size , is located in a spa area and is bounded on two sides by the City Park with animal enclosure.

Private Garden Länglehof

The Länglehof in Ueberlingen is next to a cottage, a horse farm and a place for rose lovers.

Private garden «Am Sonnenberg»

The approximately 800 square meter natural garden by Bettina Fele extends over 3 levels in an idyllic hillside location in Büsingen-Stemmer, just a few steps from the banks of the Rhine. A place of rest for humans and animals.

The land garden Überlingen

Sonja Frick is the initiator of the Landgarten Überlingen. Inspired by the principles of permaculture, she began in the fall of 2014 to transform a 3000 square meter meadow at the Schreibersbildkapelle with the help of soil organisms into a harmonious biotope for people, animals and plants and that only falls naturally with water from the sky. An new Natur-im-Garten-Garten at the Lake Constance.

Private Garden Sabine Christ Radolfzell

In the almost 1,000 m² natural and herbal garden of Family Christian still predominantly are the old tree population of the settlement beginnings . A wonderfully large quince , pear , Boskop- and clear apple tree planted by the founding family 1938th.

Private garden Rinkenburger

The private garden of the Rinkenburger family is located in a quiet residential district in Stockach-Hindelwangen.

Hanggarten Familie Steinmann

In the middle of winter the south-facing slope of the family Steinmann. The approximately 900sqm large property extends over four levels, which can be reached almost completely without stairs.

"Living room" garden Hohenfels

A "living room" (habitat) garden can be visited in Hohenfels . Nature and culture can be experienced here

School and show garden in Zeppelindorf

The approx. 900 m2 sized school and show garden is located at the show house in the listed, historic Zeppelindorf. The garden was formerly used by the residents for self-sufficiency with vegetables, herbs and fruit, but also the keeping of small farm animals was possible. Today, most of the garden is used by the city of Friedrichshafen as a school and show garden.

Private garden Thomsen Friedrichshafen

A garden for humans and animals
The approximately 600m2 large garden with wild-romantic character of a farmer's garden invites you to stay in a quiet idyllic outskirts of Fischbach, a district of Friedrichshafen, to stay and admire. There are grown all year round numerous vegetables; Berry bushes, fruit and nut trees complete the variety.

Lernbiotop am Riedlewald

freely accessible / always open

The learning biotope at the Riedlewald is a fenced area for experimental nature exploration and long-term observations in the middle of the city. The garden offers various possibilities: In the smallest space are the most diverse biotopes of the Lake Constance area, such as flowering meadows, species-rich hedges, ponds, dry biotopes and of course the Riedlewald.

Privatgarten Familie Leupolz in Wangen im Allgäu

In the middle of the residential area Praßberg in Wangen im Allgäu is the small home garden.
On a plot of only 350 m2, a small paradise was created.

Privatgarten Andrea Pfluger und Robert Willer Amtzell

Small easy-care private garden on approx. 150 m2 in Amtzell.
The garden bears since August 2019 the nature in the garden plaque.

Hängegarten Neufra

The historical hanging garden - a monument of a special kind
The Historical Hanging Garden was built by Count Georg von Helfenstein with 202 bodies. He saw this kind of garden in other countries and thus fulfilled the wish to be able to own such a garden. In addition to the hanging garden, the Johannsen family also owns a castle hotel and a tower.

Private garden family Heilmann

The hidden, near-natural private garden of the Heilmann family in the suburb of Mühlhofen in the Bodenseegemeinde Uhldingen-Mühlhofen is an unexpected recreation and strength place of plant diversity, smell, buzzing and bird chirping.

Parkhotel St.Leonhard - hotel park

freely accessible / always open

A hotel park, which is maintained according to the nature in the garden guidelines.

The Parkhotel St. Leonhard is situated in a particularly attractive location high above the lake, with a wonderful view of the Alps landscape. The approximately 70 ha large hotel park has a great flair and attractiveness also for guests from the region. In addition to the landscape park, a herb garden and a historic orchard complete the offer.

Ernteland Schlosserhof - Permakulturgarten

A slightly different nature in the garden garden at Lake Constance. On more than 1 ha vegetables, berries and fruit are cultivated in the Erntelland Schlosserhof in Herdwangen in permaculture.

Gartenforum Konstanz

Gartenforum creates gardens, and of course for your own company. A 500 m2 garden surrounds the office building in Dettingen near Konstanz. This new garden was awarded in 2017 with nature in the garden plaque

Naturgarten Ursula Stamm Singen

The somewhat different allotment, namely one for animals and plants - just a natural garden.

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