Ernteland Schlosserhof - Permakulturgarten

A slightly different nature in the garden garden at Lake Constance. On more than 1 ha vegetables, berries and fruit are cultivated in the Erntelland Schlosserhof in Herdwangen in permaculture.


The cultivated plants are exclusively cultivated cultivars, which are seed-stable and deliver seed. This will preserve varieties that would otherwise disappear. Every year at the beginning of May seed is given away to interested people. The date can be found every year on the homepage of the Schlosserhof. The most varied types of bedding can be seen in the Ernestand: high and hill beds, pyramid beds in wood and stone, keyhole beds and mud beds. The humus for the beds are provided by the six horses, whose manure rots and produces wonderful humus. The family initiative of the Ernteland Schlosserhof regularly offers courses in order to return the fertilizer-free cultivation methods to the private gardens. These are also available on the homepage (

Parking lots available

Between Herdwangen and Liggersdorf you come to an intersection, which goes in a direction to Alberweiler. In this direction, after approx. 150 m, the turnoff leads to the Schlosserhof. The Ernteland has its parking on the left side next to a small garden house.

Guided tours by appointment and on the open day


Ernteland Schlosserhof - Permakulturgarten
Schlosserhof 1
88634 Herdwangen
phone +49 (0)7557 9287178

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