Arenenberger wine tour (for groups)

Guided wine tour along the Lower Lake, through the castle park and the Arenenberger vineyard!

Arenenberger wine tour (for groups)

After your arrival with the boat at Mannenbach, you will be welcomed by the Arenenberger hiking guide and equipped with a traveling wine glass. With the first glas of Arenenberger wine the tour starts comfortablly on the lake path to the bath spot of the Arenenberg. Continue high then the mountain, across meadows and finally the rocks along, up to the Castle Park Arenenberg. The last piece by the species-rich vineyard leads to a well-deserved drink on the Arenenberg.

starting point: landing place shipping lower lake and rhine in Mannenbach

destination: BBZ Arenenberg, Salenstein

length of the walking tour: ca. 2,5 km

duration: ca. 40 min

groups: from 10 persons (a 2nd guide is needed by a group more than 25 people)


Price: CHF 20 per person

services included:

  • wine glass
  • wine tasting on the trail (2 wines)
  • wine information
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BBZ Arenenberg

8268 Salenstein, Switzerland

Tel. +41 (0) 71 663 33 62

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