Interreg V-Project „Lake Constance gardens – Nature and Culture in the garden 2015-2018“

„Lake Constance gardens – A journey through time“

Interreg V-Project „Lake Constance gardens – Nature and Culture in the garden 2015-2018“

Interreg IV

For thousands of years assiduous gardeners and landscape architects are working at Lake Constance. Report therefor give countless parks and gardens all around. Under the title  "Lake Constance - The cradle of European horticulture" promotes the Interreg IV-programme of the European Union and the Swiss Confederation the new established Garden-Network Lake Constance. The aim of the project is the diverse cultural heritage of horticulture history of Europe - which present itself around the Lake Constance- to combine and to market in the form of new experience offer. So can the culture of horticulture be discovered and experienced from the Stone Age through antiquity and the Middle Ages to the 19th century and further in the present around the lake and in the surrounding areas.

Partners in the project are:  Internationale Bodensee Tourismus GmbH, Thurgau Tourismus, Tourismus Untersee e.V. and the Staatlichen Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg. The garden network is funded by Landes Baden-Württemberg, the Kantons Thurgau and from subsidies of the Interreg IV-Program, a regional program of the European Union and Swiss Confederation to support cross-border cooperation.

Interreg V

To increase the attractiveness of the natural and cultural heritage of the 4-country region of Lake Constance, the association Lake Constance gardens has a InterregV project submitted as of September 2015: Lake Gardens - Nature and Culture in the Garden: A project for sustainable development of natural and cultural heritage on Lake Constance. The project was running from 1 October 2015 and was ending on 31 March 2019.

Project goal: we manage to launch new innovative and sustainable products and services in the "nature and culture in the garden" and to increase the cross-border appeal of the common natural and cultural heritage. Thus even more visitors to the natural and cultural heritage in the program area visit (visitor management to off-season). We want to raise awareness of the themes of nature and culture / the garden and exemplary role exercise. This always overlooking the big horticultural show in Überlingen in 2020, the garden show of Bavaria in Lindau in 2021, the garden show in Wangen im Allgäu in 2024 and the planned EXPO Ostschweiz 2027. In addition, the association Lake Constance gardens wants future more developed in width, ie he wants the theme gardens in various circles continue to establish (population, tourism (hotels and restaurants), industry, local authorities / municipalities, politics, etc.). This also, not least, all these groups is to show an often "easy" road to sustainable / soft development. It arises because a common Lake Constance-identity and the parties are motivated to cooperate more closely, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Project partners were: Thurgau Tourismus, Amriswil (CH); Schloss & Park Arenenberg – Napoleonmuseum Thurgau, Salenstein (CH); Kartause Ittingen, Warth bei Frauenfeld (CH); Schloss Wartegg Betriebs AG, Rorschacherberg (CH); Heilpflanzenwelt von A.Vogel, Roggwil (CH); Schul- und Versuchsgärten des BBZ Arenenberg, Salenstein (CH); Garten-Rendezvous am Untersee von Tourismus Untersee e.V., Gaienhofen (CH und DE); Insel Mainau GmbH, Insel Mainau (DE); Kur und Touristik Überlingen GmbH, Überlingen (DE); Lindau Tourismus und Kongress GmbH, Lindau (DE); Kloster und Schloss Salem, Salem (DE) (Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg); Neues Schloss Meersburg, Meersburg (DE) (Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg); Verkehrsverein Reichenau e.V, Insel Reichenau (DE); das Ministerium für ländlichen Raum und Verbraucherschutz Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart (DE) and the association Lake Constance Gardens. They all carryed the project with moral and financial.

These individual projects were financed to increase the attractiveness of the common natural and cultural heritage on Lake Constance among others funding from the InterregV program, a regional program of the European Union (EU), the Swiss Confederation and the participating Swiss cantons to support cross-border cooperation. The project could be finished at the Ende of March 2019.

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