Baroque and Rococo on the Track

Versailles en miniature

The gardens of the baroque arose as a further development of the "Italian Gardens" in France. They are strictly geometric built up, have a central axis and are in line with a palace or with the residence of the garden.

Baroque garden emotion in Salem

Highlights of a baroque garden are the flower beds and ornamental bush hedges with trick fountains and figures, which often originate from the ancient mythology. The further the visitor departs from the palace, the more changes the park from playful to grassland with big basins. A particularly nice examples of baroque landscape gardening can be found on the northern shore: in the Monastery and Palace Salem was a garden created with a maze and square beds, according to a  baroque model.

In the time of the Rococo it becomes cheerful

In the beginning of the 18th century develops out of the large-sized grounds of the Baroque the intimate form of Rococo. It mostly dispenses on central visual axes and oversized ground-plans. Now cheerful putti or bacchante take the place of  the serious mythological figures. Also they reflect the lifestyle of the time - much like the overflowing churches and chapels around the lake. A nice example of this form is the pleasure garden of the New Palace Meersburg with his pavilion. It was redesigned in line with its original appearance a few years ago.

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