Society Lake Constance Gardens

The society Lake Constance gardens has the purpose of establishing a network of gardens and parks in the four-country region Lake Constance and to market them collective. In addition the society aims to support, to develop and to preserve the cultural- and natural heritage garden. The society operates internationally.

Society Lake Constance Gardens

The aim of the society is realized through the:

  • Promotion of the quality and publicity of the gardens on Lake Constance
  • Promoting the cross-border integration of partners and development of cooperation
  • Promotion of the offer from art and culture in the gardens on Lake Constance
  • Promotion of education on gardening in the broadest sense

From the Enjoy Switzerland- and the Interreg IV-Project "Lake Constance - The cradle of European horticulture" will be an independent and successful pilot product for the international Lake Constance.

Our goals

The society Lake Constance gardens should be a coherent product, a network, that motivates guests from regional and national target markets to visit the region and bring additional overnight stays. Visitors should notice the Lake Constance gardens as experience product, which ranges over all eras of time from the Stone Age over the Middle Ages and to the present. At Lake Constance guests can experience 7,000 years of horticultural history on a narrow space. In the long term counts Lake Constance gardens to the 10 Top garden regions worldwide. 

Your contribution to the Lake Constance gardens

In the table below you can find the different membership fees for active and passive members.

Member description Membership fee per year
in EUR / CHF
Admission fee (one time)
in EUR / CHF
Active Members with voting rights
Member contribution for gardens    
Gardens and Parks 1.250 / 1.550 1.000 / 1.250
Garden and Parks
from 500.000 visitor
5.000 / 6.250 4.000 / 5.000
Membership fee for regional  garden- cooperation 3.000 / 3.750 2.400 / 3.000
Membership fee for tourism destinations and regional tourism organizations 3.000 / 3.750 2.400 / 3.000
Membership fee for destination management organizations (e.g. TGT, DBT) 5.000 / 6.250 4.000 / 5.000
Tourism enterprises (e.g shipping, ÖV) and institutions of the environmental and cultural education 500 bis 1.000 / 315 bis 1.250 (depending on the size and turnover of the company) no
Passive members without voting
Passive member 100 / 125 no fee
"Natur im Garten"-member 30-50 / 38-63* no fee
Honorary member for free no fee

* Setting the final sum in this bandwidth is transferred to the Executive Board.

More information about the society Lake Constance gardens and the options can be found in Informationsflyer.

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