School and show garden in Zeppelindorf

The approx. 900 m2 sized school and show garden is located at the show house in the listed, historic Zeppelindorf. The garden was formerly used by the residents for self-sufficiency with vegetables, herbs and fruit, but also the keeping of small farm animals was possible. Today, most of the garden is used by the city of Friedrichshafen as a school and show garden.


In addition to wildflower meadows, numerous, labeled herbs and vegetables are grown. Special feature are old, forgotten vegetable varieties as well as annually changing main topics. In addition, there are berry bushes, fruit trees, wild vegetables and berries.

In ingrown hedgerows, "wild corners" and under the raised beds, birds, hedgehogs and lizards find refuge. Butterflies and insects find plenty of food in the wildflower meadows and lush flowering cottage garden flowers.

Since May 2018, the show garden bears the nature-in-garden plaque.

Parking: Located at the head of the König-Willhelm Platz in about 50 m distance to the entrance.

Bus stop: The Dorfkrug stop is 150 meters away on Meistershofenerstraße.

Sightseeing: From May to October, Sundays from 12am to 4pm, entrance to the showhouse and garden is EUR 3.-

In addition, there are always events in cooperation with the Zeppelin Museum, which can be found in the program booklet of the Schauhaus at


Schul- und Schaugarten im Zeppelindorf
König-Wilhelm-Platz 12
88046 Friedrichshafen
phone 0049 7541 3801-25

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