Private garden Conny König & Pirmin Gerber

A private garden where people, plants and animals feel at home. Conny König and Pirmin Gerber have created a true paradise.


In our garden there is a swimming pond with a native Quellstein.Ueber a wooden bridge at the jetty leads to a herbal spiral and a cozy pergola. In our raised beds, where vegetables and fruits grow, there is also a lot of fennel for laying eggs of the swallowtail, which we collect together with herbs and feed in aeraras to pupate and then they become beautiful swallowtails, which we fly into our garden. There are also several hedgehog houses for the winter, as well as special food boxes and butterfly, bumblebees and bee hotels. In addition, branches, shrubs, a berry garden and fruit tree area, a small flower meadow. In the dry stone area there is a cellar and built-in hedgehog niches, where lizards and many other insects frolic as well as in the rock gardens. In the entrance area there is a wet zone, which is fed with rainwater, which is popular with newts, salamanders, toads etc.

Since late summer 2018, the garden also bears the nature in the garden plaque.

Parking: at the carport

Accessibility by public transport: Station Erlen: about 15 minutes on foot

Visits: From April to September, by appointment


Privatgarten Conny König & Pirmin Gerber
Rosenbergstr. 5
8586 Riedt bei Erlen
phone 0041 (0)71 411 10 51

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