Lernbiotop am Riedlewald

The learning biotope at the Riedlewald is a fenced area for experimental nature exploration and long-term observations in the middle of the city. The garden offers various possibilities: In the smallest space are the most diverse biotopes of the Lake Constance area, such as flowering meadows, species-rich hedges, ponds, dry biotopes and of course the Riedlewald.


Microscopes, goblets, shovels, landing nets and much more are available in a lockable hut and on-site facilities. Forest and water themes include a night vision wildlife camera, nest boxes, observation stations of earthworms and ants. Information boards explain the learning biotope and its diverse flora and fauna.

Since 2016 there is also a bionic path, which explains the connections between technology and biology. Three environmental officers look after the Green Classroom in Friedrichshafen, where all children of Häfler educational institutions can participate free of charge.

There is a public door on several days of the year. Admission is free and registration is not required.


Lernbiotop am Riedlewald
88048 Friedrichshafen
phone 0049 7541 203 21 91

freely accessible / always open

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