Gartenforum Konstanz

Gartenforum creates gardens, and of course for your own company. A 500 m2 garden surrounds the office building in Dettingen near Konstanz. This new garden was awarded in 2017 with nature in the garden plaque


The approximately 500 m2 garden is not a typical company garden. Since also premises were let to a kindergarten, the concept is different. There is a good combination of children, gardeners and gardeners. The children are allowed to play around in the grounds, playfuls are created like a big clay field, a home-made playhouse made of wood, pebbles in varieties and, of course, a large meadow. The green is there for the experience. The most diverse fragrance herbs are true meadows, fruit and berries are for snacking, a large vegetable garden shows what the nature offers for the kitchen table. In the central seating area, which is roofed with a pergola, customer discussions are held, the employees sit together at lunch, the children pack their supper in the morning. And there is nothing more beautiful than watching from the builders as it grows - both the children and the plants!

Visit to the garden: usually during office hours from 8 am to 4 pm or when someone is in the garden.
Parking directly by the house


Gartenforum Dipl.Ing.(FH) Eva Eisenbarth
Weiherstrasse 20
78465 Konstanz-Dettingen
phone 0049 7533 949770

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