If your garden meets the most important natural garden criteria, you are part of it!


The criteria of the action "Nature in the Garden" at a glance:

Core criteria (all must be satisfied)
• No pesticides *
• waiver of synthetic chemical fertilizers
• waiver of peat
* Allowed are pesticides, the lt. Resource catalog for organic farming have been approved in last amended.

Nature Garden Elements (must be met in part)
• Wild Shrubs
• Allowing sprawl
• Wildes Corner
• Special Locations (wet, dry)
• Deciduous trees
• flowers and flowering perennials

Management and kitchen garden (must be met in part)
• compost heap
• "Nützlingsunterkünfte" for example for bees a.s.o
• Rainwater harvesting
• environmentally friendly material choice
• mulching
• vegetable beds
• Herb Garden
• Obstgartenund berry bushes
• intercropping / rotation / green manure

In a document these criteria and elements are added depending on the characteristics and quality.

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