Lake Constance gardens - certification

Are you interested in nature in the garden? Learn all about the certification process.

Lake Constance gardens - certification

The process of certification of nature in the garden gardens is as follows:

1) Interest (a garden showing interest in the plaque/badge)
2) Contacting the association Lake Constance Gardens
3) Collection of data and information
4) Organisation of Reko-day (starting from April / May)
5) Reko on site by a certified nature-in-garden expert
6) Decision Yes / No (if No recommendations)
7) Handover of nature in the garden plaque/badge, account for the plaque and membership in the Lake Constance Gardens
8) Application on the Internet and in the brochure of the Lake Constance Gardens

There are excellent private gardens and public gardens in Switzerland and Germany. Lake Gardens is for Switzerland, Liechtenstein and all other counties on Lake Constance in charge (Constance, Bodenseekreis, Sigmaringen, Ravensburg).

Caution: In the district of Lindau own point distinguishes the gardens and in Vorarlberg also.

Nature in the Garden Plaque/badge: EUR 25, -

Nature in the garden Membership at Lake Constance Gardens: EUR 30, - per year (application on the internet and line entry in the Lake Constance Gardens brochure included).

Lake Constance Gardens
Tel .: +41 (0) 58 345 74 27

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