REGENA AG Medicinal Herb Garden

REGENA AG has been producing and selling homeopathic medicines at its new location in Tägerwilen / TG for 55 years, amid extensive flower fields. She uses over 200 plant sources for this purpose.


Many of the plants used can be found in the 2010 on fertile ground created idyllic company garden as a contribution to the development of a biotope, a pleasant working atmosphere and meditative contemplation. Through three Virbula shells, the water flows dynamically - symbolic of the manufacturing process of these special homeopathic remedies - into the pond, which is surrounded by various medicinal plants, shrubs and trees. A treasure for lovers who want to explore the healing power of plants: From the field widow's flower (Knautia arvensis), over the monk's pepper (Vitx agnus-castus) to witch hazel (witch hazel). Depending on the season, discover the history of our complex resources, a treasure in every plant, and get to know various medicinal herbs under expert guidance.

In 2020 the following guided tours will be offered at 11 o'clock each (about 1 hour):

  • 22.04.2020, 11 Uhr
  • 06.05.2020, 16 Uhr
  • 20.05.2020, 11 Uhr
  • 03.06.2020, 16 Uhr
  • 01.07.2020, 16 Uhr
  • 15.07.2020, 11 Uhr
  • 29.07.2020, 16 Uhr
  • 12.08.2020, 11 Uhr
  • 26.08.2020, 16 Uhr

Registration required, free of charge, dogs alloud, parking for free

phone +41 (0)71 414 17 00,


REGENA AG – Homöopathische Komplexmittel
Poststrasse 32-36
8472 Tägerwilen
phone +41 (0)71 414 17 00

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