KWA Parkstift Rosenau

The park offers a sensational view of the silhouette of Constance and the Swiss shore. Delight in the spring Tulips, roses in summer and colorful tree giants in autumn.


Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, René de Chateaubriand, Juliette Recamier and not least Emperor Napoleon III. already strolled through the garden of today's Rosenau, the former "Thurnschen-good". From the artificial "island" they probably enjoyed not only the sensational view of the silhouette of Constance, Kreuzlingen and the Thurgau landscape. Today, the wild tulips and daffodils, in summer the roses and the cheerful murmuring brook, in autumn inspire the magnificent giant trees with their colorful leaves and in winter the quiet lake with its fog. All this is on one of the most beautiful promenades far and wide. The Konstanzer lakeside path, where even more Lake Constance gardens are to visit.


KWA Parkstift Rosenau
Eichhornstrasse 56
78464 Konstanz
phone +49 (0)7531 805 0

freely accessible / always open

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