Jugend- und Bildungshaus St. Arbogast

Time and space for education, nature, encounter and development
St. Arbogast is located on a hill in the municipality of Götzis. The entire complex is embedded in beautiful nature on the edge of a nature reserve - with a view of the Vorarlberg and Swiss Rhine Valley.


The perennial garden at the Bildungshaus St. Arbogast inspires guests and employees alike. It is, as well as the adjacent forest, a soothing space for relaxation and recreation. When guests stay here, they ground themselves and feel how they are integrated into the web of life. Nature becomes a teacher: everything has its time, flowering and fallow time, retreat and new expulsion. The biodiversity conveys how interesting, stimulating, beneficial is diversity.


Jugend- und Bildungshaus St.Arbogast
Montfortstrasse 88
6840 Götzis
phone +43 (0)5523 62 501-0
fax +43 (0)5523 62501-832

freely accessible / always open

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