Breitenmoser private Garden

Natural fruit and vegetable garden on Mätteli Bach in Mattwil

Vegetables, herbs, fruits and perennials with berries for insects and birds


The garden is distributed around the house and the crops alternate with the herb gardens and perennials. So the insects and birds have everywhere a lot of work. Raspberries, blackberries and Maibeeren buckthorn located in the southeast corner with a herb garden and a small portion with asparagus. The strawberry beds are located in the garden in the north, where nearly all vegetables are planted. Around the vegetable garden herbs and flowers are distributed. In the northwest there is a large field of flowers with a young walnut and a young Linde. Between the meadow fruit-low strains are bayed, including each a tree with plums, plums, cherries and pears, as well as four different apple trees. It also recognizes a former hobby of owner; one of the varieties of apples called Carnival.
On the northwest side of the house is a 32 m2 greenhouse. The swimming pond with plants is room for aquatic pond flowers. In the southwestern part, there is a cozy recreation area under a standard apple trees with four varieties of apples and a fragrant herb spiral. The garden is surrounded in the western part with perennials that offer small animals space and retreat.
Since August 2015, the very beautiful and well kept garden with lots of love carries the high-quality "Natur im Garten-Plakette" is so a good example of close to the nature gardening.


Marlis und Daniel Breitenmoser
Klarsreutistrasse 10
8585 Mattwil
phone 0041 71 646 05 72

freely accessible / always open

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