Bavarian Riviera Lindau

With its stylish villas on the shores of Lake Constance, the Bavarian Riviera is one of the most beautiful parts of the river in Lindau. In the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, the nobility and the upper middle class on the six kilometer-long bank left noble and manorial villas. In 1848, the Bavarian prince Luitpold was the impostor, who moved to "Villa AmSee" as a summer residence.


Riviera full of mansions

Almost 30 luxurious villas of different architectural styles line along the shore. The architectural styles range from neoclassicism to the Neo-Renaissance, to art nouveauism and forms of home style. Today, they are regarded as important architectural attractions and a horticultural heritage, and the splendor of past centuries has happily been preserved. Many of the sumptuous buildings, however, are barely visible from the street and can only be viewed with a few exceptions. That is why it is worth taking a trip by boat. This is the only way to get a perfect view of the mansions. Go aboard a ship and discover the banks of the Bavarian Riviera during a tour or hire a sailboat as well as an electric, rowing or paddle boat to explore Lake Constance on its own.

Cultural trail along the Bavarian Riviera Lindau

Discover the Bavarian Riviera on foot on the Gartenkulturpfad. A path leads through numerous green spaces and freely accessible parks along the Riviera. Here you can catch a glimpse of many villas and take a look at several properties with a small break. Start the tour at Villa Alwind, which was mentioned for the first time in 1370. Today, it is used as a holiday resort for post-recreation and houses a public café and restaurant overlooking the magnificent garden with fountains.

Going to the Lindenhofpark, you will discover one of the most important parking facilities on the edge of the village from the 19th century, which today is the green oasis of peace in Lindau. Part of the garden is the stately Villa Lindenhof. In the east wing of the villa is the museum "peace spaces", where visitors can interact interactively with the themes of peace.
On the way to the Hotel Bad Schachen, whose history dates back to 1474, you can also visit the Bad Schachen water park. The legendary Parkstrandbad is a jewel of the art nouveau, is now under monument protection and is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach resort on Lake Constance.

Along the banks of the river, the villas extend over the Holdereggen castle in the Neo-Renaissance style to the Villa Wacker with its gorgeously decorated gables and crags. From the edge of the path, you can only see the ornate garden portals, for most of them are located In private ownership. You can spend the night in Villa Elena. On the top floor of the listed villa is a tastefully furnished apartment.

Another highlight is the Aeschacher Bad: it is still one of three historical

Explore the Bavarian Riviera and learn more about the garden culture trail with its sights and highlights. Information can be found here


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