Gardens of the Renaissance

First "Italian Gardens" at Lake Constance

Renaissance gardens developed not later than in the first one-third of the 16th century. According to their origin they are also called "Italian Gardens".

Geometry and Water, Caves and Mechanics

Following the example of the antiquity it exists representative town palaces and country estates. While in the city have survived only hidden traces of the originally high walled garden, a few witnesses of this fascinating era can be found in the country. Here were terraces preferred, which were through stairs connected. Important design elements were geometry, perspective and water. Caves and mechanics played as well an important role. Sculptures are counted among basic configuration of such a site. In the country park from castle Arenenberg on Lower Lake as well as on Mainau Island have been traces of this time preserved. Who knows how to decipher them will be excited. The terraced garden of the Reichlin-von-Meldegg-Haus in Überlingen impresses not only with its location, but also counts to one of the earliest examples of Italian Renaissance in Germany.

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